Offshore Racing Rule Owners Association

boats-vision sPhoto by Marcin ChumieckiThe ORR Owners Association (ORROA) was established in 2010 as a grass-roots effort to promote and encourage offshore racing for cruisers-racers under the Offshore Racing Rule(ORR), and in doing so, ensure participation by a much broader base of boat owners. It acts as an intermediary to convey Certificate-holders’ concerns, ideas and suggestions to the Offshore Racing Association (ORA) for ongoing improvements to the rule, as well as assist in the startup of local chapters to encourage the use of the Offshore Racing Rule.

It shall be the purpose of the ORR Owners Assocation to promote and encourage offshore racing under the ORR Rule, and in so doing, provide a more scientific, researched-based handicapping system, in order to ensure participation by a much broader base of boat owners. The Association will also provide information on the rule, measurement and procedures to its members and prospective members, and chronicle ORR race results and other pertinent information concerning the rule.

The ORR Owners Association, in cooperation with the Offshore Racing Association (ORA) and the Offshore Racing Rule (ORR), has developed three regional championship racing series that allows sailors to compete regionally for year-end awards. In addition, all boats registered for one of the regional championship series will be automatically scored for year-end national championship awards.

Races that are included in the ORR Owners Association's Championship Series calendars are not required to run under ORR by race organizers as boats will be re-scored as long as they have registered and have a valid ORR certificate. This allows for a much more inclusive format for cruiser-racers to participate in a variety of races across the USA.

ORROA 2010 Winners

ORROA 2011 Winners
ORR 2010 Winners ORR 2011 Winners