Vision Statement

We believe that ORA will provide the fairest mid-level handicapping rule possible for the mainstream sailor. Above all else, the VPP is intended to be objective in nature, removing human and subjective adjustments that would otherwise cloud the fairness of the competitive event. To this end, ORA will:Invisible HandInvisible Hand owned by Frank Slootman. 2014 Winner ORR West Coast Northern Championship Series.

  • Promote and market the ORR rule,
  • Make sure the ORR rule is easy to understand and simple to use, and
  • Be responsive to sailor feedback.


ORA will serve as a clearinghouse for communication, becoming a liaison between U.S. Sailing who administers the rule and the SYRF who will conduct the research necessary to update the ORR rule. Through these efforts, sailors and clubs can ensure that the entire fleet will remain competitive in local, national and international races for years to come.

Mission Statement

The ORA will promote the use of the fairest, objective handicapping possible based on a velocity prediction program (VPP) at an affordable level for a diverse fleet of monohulls within a reasonable size, age and design range.