Offshore Racing Rule
Offshore Racing Rule
Offshore Racing Rule

World Sailing held its annual conference in the United States this year, in Sarasota, Fla., where representatives of international rating and handicapping rules gathered to review the year. Following presentations by the European-based Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) and International Racing Certificate (IRC), Stan Honey, chairman of World Sailing's Oceanic and Offshore Committee, invited the Offshore Racing Association to give a presentation on the success of the Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) VPP rules developed here in America. 

Making the presentation, the ORA's executive director, John Horton, described the growth in the number of ORR and particularly ORR-Ez certificates issued in 2018. He pointed to the ORR as America's "rule of choice" based on its selection for use by most of the major races in America.

“We realize that ORR does not meet the international criteria of the two organizations that presented before us," Horton said,  "but with 90 percent market share, ORR clearly serves the American market well.”

After making his presentation, Horton thanked the committee and its chairman for the opportunity to share the recent progress made by the ORR family of rules including its greater than 350 percent growth in its new Rule ORR-Ez for local and offshore racing last year.

The presentation slides follow.

Age of ORR presentation slide

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