The Offshore Racing Association supports and develops the best handicapping currently available - ORR. ORR has the ability to tailor the ratings of a fleet to the conditions of a regatta and is constantly being updated to keep up with development and trends in yacht design.

With your support, ORA can keep working on existing and in creating handicapping technologies that help get more people sailing and having more fun racing. ORA also strives to keep the cost of a rating certificate down and to encourage more boats and OA's to use ORR and ORR-ez. Donations help us accomplish these goals. Offshore sailing and racing has always had a group of special supporters and we want to count you as one of those special individuals.

Any amount that you give will help the health of our sport, will get more sailors enjoying their boats and out on the racecourse.

Your contribution can be made online via our website or by mail. ORA has partnered with the California Corinthian Foundation to receive donations via a 501(c)(3). Please make checks payable to:

Offshore Racing Association
C/O California Corinthian Foundation
4048 Admirable Drive
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275


To donate online, please click the Donate button below and you will be taken to a PayPal donation page. All money will go to the Offshore Racing Association via the California Corinthian Foundation.