ORR Allows Large Roach Headsails for 2018

Jim Teeters, ORA Technical Director 28 Feb 2018

The Offshore Racing Association (ORA) has introduced Large Roach Headsails (LRHs) into the 2018 Offshore Racing Rule (ORR). This type of sail resides in the “no-man’s” land between headsails (genoas/jibs) and spinnakers that had previously been disallowed in ORR. After several years of consultation with sailors and representatives of the marine industry the ORR committee has developed a methodology to measure and fairly rate these sails.

There are a number of boats that will find this sail fills a gap in their sail inventory. One example is a boat with a fractional rig whose largest headsail is non-overlapping. For tight to beam reaching, especially in light air, there is no sail on board that would provide optimal performance.

There are also a number of boats for which the LRH has virtually no attraction. A boat rigged with a masthead overlapping headsail already has in her inventory a sail or sails that achieve much of what an LRH does. Read more...

Offshore Racing Rule to be Used in Mills Trophy Race

Boats with valid ORR certificates will be dual-scored in this Great Lakes Race.

Newport, R.I. - April, 26 2017 -- By strong customer request the Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) will be included in the Mills Trophy Race hosted by the Toledo Yacht Club. The Mills Trophy Race is held each year on the second weekend following Memorial Day and this year’s race starts on Friday, June 9. In addition to PHRF scoring, the 2017 race will be dual-scored in ORR for six or more boats sailing on the Mills Trophy course (67.8 nm) that submit valid 2017 ORR certificates. Racing begins near the Toledo Harbor Light and ends near South Bass Island. Following the end of the race, boats proceed to the public docks in downtown Put-in-Bay for a celebration with both winners and “also-rans.”

The Mills Trophy Race is a test of navigational skill as the race starts in the late afternoon and sailing continues through the evening and into the night. “The Mills Trophy Race is a perfect fit for ORR boats,” stated Bjorn Johnson, Executive Director of the Offshore Racing Association (ORA). “This type of distance race can use one of the many available Offshore Racing Rule wind mix combinations to get accurate finish results.” According to Jim Teeters, Technical Director of the ORA, “The race committee for the Mills Trophy Race are cutting-edge with their foresight in using the Offshore Racing Rule for dual-scoring, proving themselves as leaders in the United States sailing measurement rules.”

For information about the Mills Trophy race, please visit here. On-line registration for this race is available on Yacht Scoring. Sailors with questions about ORR, should visit the Offshore Racing Association or the Offshore Racing Rule.

John Shulze’s Horizon Wins 2016 ORR West Coast Championship Series – Southern Division

The Offshore Racing Association and the Offshore Racing Rule announce the top 3 finishers of this year’s West Coast Championship Series – Southern Division.

December 16, 2016 NEWPORT, R.I. -- The Offshore Racing Association (ORA) announced the winners of the 2016 Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) West Coast Championship Series – Southern Division. Taking first place was Horizon, a Santa Cruz 50, owned by John Shulze.  This incredibly competitive region brought out dozens of racers who vied for top honors.  In the end, the awards went to:


  • First Place:  Horizon – owned by John Shulze
  • Second Place:  Timeshaver – owned by Viggo Torbensen
  • Third Place:  Pyewacket – owned by Roy P. Disney


Horizon had an incredible 2016 racing season with many wins, landing them on top in this ORR series.  Second place finisher Timeshaver, a J/125 owned by Viggo Torbensen, also had a strong season.  Coming in third place was Pyewacket, an Andrews 70 owned by Roy P. Disney. 


Races included in the 2016 West Coast Championship Series – Southern division included:  San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race, MEXORC, Island Race, Newport to Ensenada Race, So Cal 300, Santa Barbara to King Harbor, and Long Point Race Week.   Each yacht’s score for the championship series consisted of points earned during these qualifying events.  The San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race was weighted as two races and the So Cal 300 race was weighted as one and a half races.  All other regattas were weighted as one race. 

Encore Wins ORR West Coast Championship Series – Northern Division Two Years Running

Wayne Koide and his crew win the 2016 Offshore Racing Rule West Coast Championship Series, with Buona Sera and Adrenalin LLC coming in second and third, respectively.   

December 8, 2016 NEWPORT, R.I. – The Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) and the Offshore Racing Association (ORA) announced the winners of the 2016 ORR West Coast Championship Series – Northern Division.  Wayne Koide’s Encore finished in first place, thereby winning the same championship as in 2015.  The top three placings of this year’s regional championship series include: 

First Place:  Encore – owned by Wayne Koide

• Second Place:  Buona Sera – owned by Edward Marez

• Third Place:  Adrenalin LLC – owned by Mark & Shana Howe

Wayne Koide, Encore’s owner, remarked about racing under the ORR rule, “The fact that a relatively small boat such as ours can win this award over larger, faster boats says something about the rule – I think ORR is definitely the best rule for offshore events.”  Koide brought up what many sailors mention when discussing racing: the importance of the crew.  “Regardless of what rule we are sailing under, I believe the most important element in racing is having a committed crew,” Koide stressed.  He continued, “Win or lose, if you’re racing with your friends and family [Koide races with his wife, Suzie], you can never go wrong.” Encore is a Sydney 36 CR boat and is well known on the West Coast.  Edward Marez’s Buona Sera, a Santa Cruz 70, had a successful season racing out of the Santa Cruz Yacht Club.  Adrenalin LLC, a SNC 50, is crewed by husband and wife team Mark & Shana Howe. 

The ORR West Coast Championship Series began in 2013 and the 2016 series’ races included:  the OYRA Lightship Race, Great Vallejo Race, Spinnaker Cup, Coastal Cup Race, OYRA Farrallon Islands Race, Pacific Cup, and Rolex Big Boat Series.  Scores were based on the best results of a minimum of 3 of the aforementioned races.  The Pacific Cup was weighted as two races while all other regattas were weighted as one race.