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In the fall of 2004, three major US yacht clubs (the Chicago Yacht Club, Cruising Club of America and Transpacific Yacht Club) joined forces to create the Offshore Racing Association (ORA).  ORA is a handicap class rating rule owner that also acts as the developer, manager, marketer and supporter of the Offshore Racing Rule (ORR), a Velocity Prediction Program (VPP)-based handicapping for sailboat racing.  The ORR handicapping system is able to predict relative time allowances between sailboats to permit boats of different sizes, types and ages to compete with the fairest ratings possible.

ORR is an objective rule whose rating calculations are based on the measurement of all the speed-related features of the competing sailboats.  Developed through systematic scientific research, the ORR Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) calculates the speed potential of each boat at various combinations of wind speeds and course directions to give the fairest handicap possible. 

ORA intends for the ORR handicap system to be a non-type forming measurement rating rule that fairly evaluates well designed and prepared boats.  Remember, the ORR is not a development rule and is not intended for sailors who are looking to “beat” the ORR handicap system.  In order to discourage attempts to design boats “to the rule”, the algorithms of the VPP are not publicly broadcast.  ORA will be updating the ORR Rule Book and handicap system on a regular basis to stay current with the latest VPP research and boat design development.

ORA has assumed the task of developing new measurement-based rating formulas for handicap classes that provide the fairest handicapping possible. They have also undertaken all promotional and developmental tasks associated with ORR by providing an increased level of manpower not previously seen in offshore racing. 

The Offshore Racing Rule welcomes all types of boat owners and cruisers-racers and encourages those interested to contact either the ORA or ORR for more information. 

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Championship Series Rankings

2016 ORR East Coast Championship Series.

2016 ORR Great Lakes Championship Series.

2016 ORR West Coast Championship Series – Northern Division.

2016 ORR West Coast Championship Series – Southern Division

John Shulze’s Horizon Wins 2016 ORR West Coast Championship Series – Southern Division

The Offshore Racing Association and the Offshore Racing Rule announce the top 3 finishers of this year’s West Coast Championship Series – Southern Division.

December 16, 2016 NEWPORT, R.I. -- The Offshore Racing Association (ORA) announced the winners of the 2016 Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) West Coast Championship Series – Southern Division. Taking first place was Horizon, a Santa Cruz 50, owned by John Shulze.  This incredibly competitive region brought out dozens of racers who vied for top honors.  In the end, the awards went to:


  • First Place:  Horizon – owned by John Shulze
  • Second Place:  Timeshaver – owned by Viggo Torbensen
  • Third Place:  Pyewacket – owned by Roy P. Disney


Horizon had an incredible 2016 racing season with many wins, landing them on top in this ORR series.  Second place finisher Timeshaver, a J/125 owned by Viggo Torbensen, also had a strong season.  Coming in third place was Pyewacket, an Andrews 70 owned by Roy P. Disney. 


Races included in the 2016 West Coast Championship Series – Southern division included:  San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race, MEXORC, Island Race, Newport to Ensenada Race, So Cal 300, Santa Barbara to King Harbor, and Long Point Race Week.   Each yacht’s score for the championship series consisted of points earned during these qualifying events.  The San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race was weighted as two races and the So Cal 300 race was weighted as one and a half races.  All other regattas were weighted as one race.