Offshore Racing Rule
Offshore Racing Rule
Offshore Racing Rule

The Offshore Racing Association and its family of ORR rules aim to help you build entries, spend less time with red tape, and increase the "fun factor" in your races for OAs, race committees, and competitors. The ORA is not just in the business of managing the rules; it is a full-service organization here to help race organizing authorities. This section provides a few key links to resources and encouragement to contact our Executive Director or Technical Director so we can help smooth the way for racing under ORR, ORR-Ez, or ORR-Mh.  

John Horton/Executive Director; Jim Teeters/Technical Director

The Offshore Racing Association is not just in the business of running three rating rules, but is also a full-service organization here to help organizing authorities. We appreciate your volunteers and aim to be responsive in helping you continue your event's legacy, and we want to make sure you have the right product based on the traditions and tone of your existing event.

  • Do you want more entries?
  • More boats of a specific type?
  • Having difficulty with divisions and class breaks?
  • Need a sounding board for the logic of awarding trophies?

Let us work with you to decide what is best for the event based on your goals for this year and the years ahead.

Currently, we have three rules available for different events and fleets—ORR, ORR-Ez, ORR-Mh—each of which has a rulebook you can review. If we don't have a rule that's a good fit for you, we can either help you create a new product or refer you to a different rule.

The Ez-Toolbox we're developing will introduce you and your race committees to different approaches to rating a fleet and different races.

Offshore Racing Association
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